A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I had only 2 days to make my entry for Myst Jam 2016. Due to the severe time constraint I was initially thinking of making a Twine game or implementing Gemedet (the D'ni board game) but I ran a Twitter poll to see what you thought, and you picked the third option, "a 3D age." So here is my crappy 2-day attempt at making a 3D age, based off of an age I made in Bryce3D when I was 12 years old, which shockingly looks better than my 27-year-old attempt. Tools, go figure. I kind of wish I had chosen Twine instead, this is very unfinished and therefore boring. It was a good learning experience at least, and I had fun (on the first day, at least.) There is a bit of content if you explore the library.

The Unity 5 source code is up on GitHub and might be of interest to somebody trying to make a Myst-y game. Feel free to look at it or play with it, but it's not under an open-source license (yet?) so you'll need to get my permission before publishing anything based off of it.

Don't use fullscreen unless it's set to native resolution, otherwise the GUI will be screwed up due to a bug in Unity 5.3.0.

It uses the following sounds from Freesound.org:


V'lahs Mac 20160116 19 MB
V'lahs Windows 20160116 50 MB

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